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SENSATIONAL CHILDREN: Understanding Children And Their Sensory Processing Issues

This classroom program is designed for teachers who work with regular and inclusion classes, to help them understand children’s reactions from the perspective of sensory processing. Adults and children both take in information differently through the different senses. One adult will be warm in a room where another will be cold. One adult will enjoy working with music in the background while another adult will find music distracting. Similarly, different children will have different reactions to sensory stimulation. This popular and fascinating course gives the teacher “new eyes” for seeing what may be at the root of a child’s behavior when she isn’t behaving the way we want her to.

This program is designed to provide skills and knowledge including:

  • The range of ways sensory processing presents among undiagnosed (“typical”) children as well as among children with Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, and other common diagnoses;
  • How the five senses plus movement, balance, body position, and muscle control present in all children, giving the classroom teacher “new eyes” for seeing children’s behavior;
  • Cognitive rewards that come from creating an environment for better sensory functioning, enabling children to be more ready to learn;
  • Tools and techniques presented in an easy to remember format of our unique "Seven Themes for Helping Sensational Children". These practical techniques address both sensory seeking and sensory avoiding behaviors;

Case situations that illustrate common situations familiar to all classroom teachers.

We offer knowledge and skills for wider understanding of all children -- for classrooms where students of varying needs learn together.  Our goal is to empower teachers to help children increase their focus, academic performance and social confidence.

"Our staff loved the program, they really loved it.  The quality of the content, the depth, the professionalism of the presenters – it was all a ten as far as I’m concerned."
Frank Signorello, Director of Programs, New York Hall of Science


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